It’s Nina. I’m 15 and pretty passionate about all things longevity, aging, health, and life.

A little more about me before we get down to business: I’m super excited about changing the world with tech. I co-founded and am currently working on Biotein, a startup focused on human aging and dementia. I’m a young member of the New York Academy of Sciences, and I was part of The Knowledge Society (TKS) for around 2 years from 2018-2020.

Other stuff I’ve done:

  • I’m in the process of writing 3 papers (all in final soon-to-be-published stages)

  • I wrote on Medium for a while. Hoping I can transition that here. (unlisted, then linked on newsletters?)

  • Read a TON about philosophy. I have thoughts on a LOT of stuff, email me at kheranina@gmail.com to chat!

  • Spoken at some fun conferences: Collision, GSV labs, Connect I.T., Longevity Technology, and will be speaking at Longevity World Forum, and Fifteen Seconds.

  • Am a volunteer writer for Youth STEM Matters and Lifespan.io.

  • Used too many exclamation marks and :) in a sentence.

  • Accidentally invited around 20 people on my contacts list to lunchclub.ai because of their automatic recommendation thingie. Not an accomplishment, but pretty funny debacle resulting in MANY fastly-typed apology emails. I promise this will not happen to you if you do decide to reach out though.

If you want to subscribe, go ahead (please do :))! This’ll be a monthly (once a month strictly) update on what I’ve been up to, with hopefully some knowledge/recommendation value for you too!

Again, it’ll only be once a month. I don’t like spam either, don’t worry.

Thanks so much,


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